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“Everyone has a plan ’till they get punched in the mouth”

Mike Tyson

Hello, I’m a Basingstoke Boxing Coach, and thank you for checking out my website. My name is Liam Greenfield, otherwise recognized as LG Boxing Coach. The study and the teaching of the ‘sweet science’ is my one true calling in life, and it is my passion to instil the love I have for boxing and fitness within others. With 13+ years of boxing experience, 6+ years of coaching experience, 6 relevant qualifications (including a degree in Sports Performance at the University of Bath); I am the man to help you begin or level up your boxing/fitness venture.

My journey in boxing begun at the age of 11 years old, where my uncle would teach and train me (the youngest of all), my brother, and my two cousins. After a few weeks of lessons in my Grandmother’s lounge, he asked my mother for permission to convert her garage into a boxing gym; and that was the beginning of it all…

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Personal Qualifications


FdSc Sports Performance (University of Bath)


Lvl 3 Sports Development


Lvl 2 Sports Coaching


Lvl 1 Amateur Boxing Alliance Coaching


Lvl 1 YMCA Fitness Instructor


Lvl 1 Activator


Lvl 1 Safeguarding Children


Covid Safe Sports Coaching Certification

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The “Fight Hub Basingstoke” – Unit 34, Stroudly Road, Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG24 8UP

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Client Testimonials

“Not only is Liam a professional and dedicated coach, he has the ability to adapt and teach any person boxing, no matter what your prior experience is and this is what I feel separates him from the rest. I have done both group sessions and one on one sessions with Liam and both have been extremely beneficial in improving my boxing. As well as this, not only did Liam help me get physically better, but he has really improved my mental game, and he has helped me develop a much stronger sense of discipline. I would highly recommend Liam to anyone that is interested in boxing!!”

Adam Amrani

“Liam is an extremely dedicated and determined boxing coach. Every session, be that 1-on-1 or group, he keeps the energy high, the motivation strong and the results consistent.
He is kind, understanding and supportive. More than that he induces the grit and perseverance one has within em to drive themselves.
Respect to Liam and all the work he did with me, will continue to push hard for him and myself 💪🏽❤️
Hatim Aessa

“Booked a 1:1 with Liam in his gym and thoroughly enjoyed the session. Liam is an excellent motivator and made the lesson fun as well as challenging. Liam has an obvious love for boxing and this passion comes through in his teaching. I would highly recommend LG Boxing to any boxing enthusiast. Can’t wait for the next session!”

Jordan Renault

“Liam is a dedicated and professional boxer and coach. Throughout the 8 weeks training camp and regular 1 on 1 sessions he’s provided, I have learnt to develop new skills in boxing and thanks to his coaching it’s made me want to keep up boxing and learn more!
I couldn’t thank him enough for the sessions he’s provided, his motivation and his hard working ethic! 🥊🏆”

Priya Dhatt

“I would highly recommend Liam as a coach because his sessions were fun but intense and extremely useful. Each session I had, I would come away having learnt something new as well as built upon the foundations he taught me. Great coach and an even better guy!!!
Luca Famiglietti

“Liam is a great coach and he has really improved my boxing.
His sessions are fun while pushing you to improve. If you’re serious about taking your boxing to the next level then Liam is your man!”

Harry Bennett

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